The 2017 Mentoring & Mastermind Program

with Sarah Kathleen Peck 


Are you ready to elevate your life, leadership, and work?

Join writer, strategist, and leadership expert Sarah Kathleen Peck in her private mastermind and mentoring program. 

You'll join a small, exclusive cohort of other brilliant minds to map, plan, dream, and create your next futures, faster than you can imagine. Together you'll invest in each other, in yourselves, and discover what you can create when you're part of an ecosystem that supports your highest level of work.

 This program combines the best elements of a group mastermind and the laser insights of one-on-one mentoring to help you make your next move, transcend your business blocks, and strategize for your future. 

Where are you taking your life? 

Do you have a direction you're steering your life, your work, and your ship? Sometimes you can get so caught up in the work — the building of the business, the growth of the team, the planning of your next pivot — that you forget to take dedicated time to pause, reflect, and carefully plan what's next. It's time to change that.

How does a mastermind work?

A MASTERMIND GROUP OFFERS a combination of brainstorming, education, and peer accountability in a group setting in order to sharpen your business and personal skills. 

You will come together around accountability, action, and peer-to-peer brainstorming. You will challenge each other to set powerful goals and accomplish them. You will track your progress, check-in regularly, and learn alongside each other. 

I WILL BE YOUR GUIDE, COACH, AND FACILITATOR throughout the entire process. I've designed a process that gives you time to dig deep on a personal project of your choosing. You'll learn as much from doing work on your own projects as listening, guiding, and reflecting on the work of each other.

A Private Community

Meet people you'll be connected to for life. Come together for 14 weeks of guided reflection, deep-dives, and planning. Leave with renewed focus, inspiration, and direction — and a team you can call on.

A Personal Guide & Mentor

You'll meet with Sarah for regular 1:1 sessions throughout the mastermind, digging into obstacles and problems and discovering possibilities and solutions.

Customized Teachings

Each month, Sarah teaches a bonus 45-minute session on a topic that's pressing for the group: last time, we covered scheduling, boundary-setting, deep listening, and email patterns. 

The 14 week transformation begins September 18th

Program Dates: Sept 18th, 2017 — Jan 12th, 2018

  • Monthly all-group meetings. Each month kicks off with an all-group session. You'll laugh, connect, and plan for the coming month: what do you want to be, do, and feel? And how will you know when you're each hitting your goals? 
  • "Deep Dive" small group sessions. This is where we'll break out into groups of 2-3 and put each person in the "hot seat." The hot seat gives you a chance to dive deep into your project and get critical feedback from several eyes in order to move forward faster and better.
  • Personal 1:1 time with me each month. You and I will meet 5 times throughout the program for an hour-long session (five hours together!) to check in, unpack, analyze, and plan. You'll have lots of options to sign up for a slot each month, and yes, you can email and text me in between if you want to run an idea past me at any time.
  • Breakout sessions and custom teaching sessions for you to learn critical skills and tools from your peers. And of course, there will be unlimited opportunities to connect with your peers to check in, whenever you want.
  • Weekly email love notes, with a tip-of-the-week and a chance to check-ins with each other. 
  • Journal prompts for you to reflect, review, and gather insights. 
  • A private Facebook group for just us.


What I bring to coaching, mentoring, and client work:

My unique ability as a writer, mentor, and coach is in going deep and drawing ideas out of people. My zone of genius is in connecting people to their inner voice, unpacking important ideas and making them seem tangible, and connecting people to each other.

My clients, friends, and family all tell me that I'm great at unpacking big ideas and making them easier to understand. I bring a background in psychology, scientific inquiry, yoga, and movement together to inspire you to understand your body, brain, and desires more clearly. Behavior change is about a detailed understanding of who we are and why we do what we do. From there, we can begin to understand how to construct new narratives, new visions, and new possibilities.

At the heart of transformation is understanding: we can't change what we don't understand. As a coach and your dedicated 1:1 mentor throughout this entire process, I'll help you reflect, analyze, and move towards what you want to create. 

What people said about the pilot program:

"I loved the diversity of people who shared the same values of motivation, growth and learning. It totally exceeded my expectations!"


"I loved the diversity of people who shared the same values of motivation, growth and learning. This is a structured Mastermind with the opportunity to meet other high-quality, motivated people, dig deep into your questions via deep dives and make progress on your goals." 

"I felt as if I had a new circle of supporters."


"The community, all centered around wanting to do and be even better selves, was incredibly empowering. Sarah asked tough questions and offered new ways to think about things I'd previously seen as obstacles or problems."

"Anyone seeking a deeper connection to people around them would benefit from this experience."


"The Mastermind format was like joining up with a group of friends in school to plan, dream, and hold each other accountable: while at the same time dedicating time and space for personal growth and introspection."

"Sarah's ability to connect people is like magic."


"Once you meet your Mastermind tribe, you're sure to build relationships that have the potential to last a long time."

Go deeper into your challenge areas

Focused time in our custom DEEP DIVE sessions to unpack your thorniest issues and figure out how to move forward.

Get 1:1 mentoring when you need it

A rhythm of regular 1:1 PERSONAL TIME will help you dig deep, find out how to move forward, and make tangible progress. 

Laugh, learn, and connect.

Life is too short to miss out on connecting with other brilliant people. WE THRIVE IN COMMUNITY. Apply to join this private community and change your life.

Meet other brilliant people figuring it out, too.

WE'LL FIGURE THIS OUT TOGETHER. From the outside, it looks like other people have it all together. When you come together like this, though, you gain relief by knowing you're not the only one!

Tuition & pricing details: 

The Mastermind and Mentoring program investment is $3,500 for the entire program. This includes the entire 14-week Mastermind, plus the five 1:1 Mentoring Calls we'll do throughout the program. It's a high-touch, personalized program for a select few individuals.

Payment plan are available. In addition, there are select sliding scale options available based on income ability, as well as two scholarship positions reserved for amazing candidates. If income is an issue for you, apply and let me know in the comments that you'd like to discuss your tuition.


Your spirit guide, your mentor:

Sarah has been a coach, teacher, and writer for more than a decade. Famous for swimming from Alcatraz naked and designing projects to promote women's voices around the world, Sarah blends a mix of fiery openness with sage wisdom. Her clients and students appreciate her blend of compassion, directness, and knowing when to speak up for things that need to be said in order to make a difference in their lives. 

Outside of coaching, writing, and running a business, Sarah is a big fan of yoga, reading, and getting out into the wilderness. 

Get your application in early:

I will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis. Don't delay — if you're interested, apply as soon as possible. If your application is accepted, we'll have a conversation about our next steps and how to move forward. 


What if this is the community you've been looking for?

The hardest part about applying is actually the part where you believe in yourself. It's easy to think that you're not ready, that now's not the right time. Things don't feel like they're in quite the right place. Maybe if you do a little more solo work, or get a few more things together — then it'll all work, right? 

It doesn't work like that. It's precisely inside of the messy and frustrated that we unlock moments of transformation. It's when we share these moments with trusted mentors and a few peers — and your own "personal board of advisors" that true transformation happens. 

I know what it's like to try to go it alone. It works, for a short time. But the world we're living in is interconnected and global. We'll go farther, faster, when we unlock the potential of community. The right person, the right conversation, is like having the right key at the right time.

The people building and scaling their lives and their businesses are building teams of people around them to get unstuck faster and work through the messy problems together. 

So, if you're hesitating on that "Apply" button, or wondering if it's right for you and you're not sure, take a chance. Fill out the application. See what happens. 

Spaces will fill up quickly. Apply today: